This game is an entry for the 8 Bits to Infinity 2 Button Jam.

You control a frog to find a way to the next pond. On your journey you will encounter various enemies. Some of them drop a new ability for you. But you can only have one ability at a time.

To control the frog use `Left` and `Right` or `a` and  `d` on your keyboard or `X` and `B` on a XBox Controler to jump left or right. A short press will make a smaller jump. A double press will active your ability. Holding both buttons opens up a menu to restart the game.


The grasshopper gives you the ability to jump higher.
The rabbit gives you the ability to jump further.
The lizard gives you the ability to climb at the ceiling.
The beetle gives you the ability to spit at your enemies or buttons.
The snake is the only enemy that does no drop a new ability but it sometimes drops a heart to heal.

chilibonbon: Art and Programming
svenpl: Programming

Music by Joshua MCLean
Sound Effects are taken from OpenGameArt


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It's a little difficult at first, but as you get used to it and start thinking about how to deal with different situations, you'll feel much happier when you win the game:D

great game! very good use of the two button limitation, and I found really fun the mechanics and abilities.